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Release Notes


- added preference to apply sub-match/capture group coloring:
    each match or capture group gets a slightly different shade of color — especially nice for nesting matches
- added preference to automatically use the clipboard contents on startup for the regular expression and/or the testing string
- added menu items to paste the clipboard directly into either the regular expression (Command+Shift+V) or the testing string (Command+Option+V)
- added a new and improved Reggy icon (Leopard Compatible/Resolution Independent)
- added help link for regular expression syntax preference (goes to wikipedia)
- updated regular expression engine
- simplified preferences window


+ Added preferences:
    - matched string highlight color
    - regular expression options
    - regular expression syntax
    - check for automatic updates
- Added automatic updates with Sparkle


- Added AppleScript support
- Added font controls to adjust faces and sizes


+ First public release
    - Multiple or single result matching option
    - Case-sensitive or case-insensitive matching option
    - Mutliline matching option
    - Error strings for improperly formatted regular expressions